Lionel Fintoni

Over thirty years of experience dedicated to the quality of your activities
  • Specialisations

    Environmental Engineering

    Solid waste and waste water management; water supply and sanitation; water resource sustainable management; renewable energy; sustainable urban planning and development.

  • Specialisations

    Port and Maritime Sector

    Ship building-repair (civilian and military); port management; port-city interface;

  • Specialisations

    Industrial Processes

    Metal industries; process automation and computerized control-command; assembly processes; manufacturing and quality control systems; Just-In-Time production techniques; ITC industrial applications; CSR/HSE regulations and standards.

  • Specialisations


    Fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft; airport management; aviation documentation; airport security.

  • Specialisations

    Perfumes and Cosmetics

    Aromatic and medicinal plants; treatment process for vegetal materials; safety standards and requirements for perfumes and cosmetics.

  • Specialisations


    Orthopedic surgery and traumatology; oncology; dermatology; dental implantology; "anti-ageing" medicine; alternative medicines.

  • Specialisations

    Economy and Finance

    Economic studies; prospective studies; economic and financial reports; corporate reporting.

  • Specialisations


    Cinema; photography; literary meetings; sporting events; opera-classical music; live performing arts.

  • Specialisations

    Heritage, Museums, and Archeology

    Technical reports; heritage studies; restoration projects.

  • Specialisations


    International relations; reception of foreign delegations; missions in France and abroad.

Networks | Ecosystem

Thanks to over thirty years of experience, we have access to a network of service providers across multiple domains, in France and abroad:


Core services:

  • Translators, interpreters, editors, and proofreaders. Recruitment based on peer recommendation, minimum of five-year experience.
  • Interpreter and translator secretariats.
  • Professional associations and communities.
  • Former student networks.


Related services:

  • Event and welcoming agencies, accompanying staff.
  • Concierge services.
  • Installation of simultaneous interpretation equipment and audio-visual systems.
  • Catering, transport, and logistic services.
  • Preparation of advertising materials, brochures, and documents.
  • Advertising, photography, films, and reports.
  • Security service.

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