Interpreting Services

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison

Interpreters are chosen depending on languages, subjects, and the locations where events take place.

We deal with all European languages (major and rare) as well as non European languages including Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more.

Prices do not include travel, catering, or accommodation costs.

For any travel abroad, the client must make available tickets ahead of time and assume the costs of accommodation, catering, and site transport.

It is recommended to supply interpreters in advance with the maximum amount of information linked to the subject to allow the best preparation (PowerPoint presentations, lexicons, articles, list and title of participants, etc…).

Interpreting services can include protocol aspects, it is recommended to communicate to interpreters the relevant information: protocol precedence, official, academic, religious, and honorific titles.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Quotes available on presentation of design brief and program. For indication purposes: between €550 and €850 per day/interpreter depending on requested languages.

Interpreters work in pair by cabin. Sometimes they can also work in a trio depending on schedule, subject, and working conditions.

Prices are based on a minimum of one day’s availability per interpreter, which is non negotiable aside from exceptional cases.

Consecutive Interpretation

Alternating speech between speaker and interpreter.

Quotes available on presentation of program. For indication purposes: €500 to €850 per performance/day/interpreter.

It is important to take into account the fact that consecutive interpretation reduces by 50% (at a minimum) the speaker’s time slot, even when the interpreter is concise, and can induce attention to shift towards the interpreter rather than the speaker.

For official speeches, please allow for a standing microphone and if possible a pulpit for note taking in order to facilitate the work of the interpreter(s).

Liaison Interpreting

Quotes available on presentation of programme. For indication purposes: €500 to €850 per performance/day/interpreter.

A performance can include accompanying personalities for official visits of an institutional, technical, or administrative nature (for example a delegation of local authority representatives, FDA inspection, hospital visits, industrial installations, ports, heritage sites etc…)

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